Anas Altarawneh

Director, Data Analytics & AI

Anas Altarawneh, a highly regarded professional in data analytics and AI, brings profound expertise to his role as the Practice Lead and Director of Data Analytics and AI at ArcLight Consulting and Bridgepoint. His 12+ years of extensive knowledge spans Oracle Analytics Suite of Products, Fusion Analytics Warehouse and Fusion Data Intelligence (FAW/ FDI), NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW), Oracle Business Intelligence OBIEE, ML/AI, and other integration and cloud solution tools, contributing significantly to our client’s success, operational efficiency, and maximizing the value of their data assets through innovative analytics solutions.

In his current position, Anas is instrumental in fortifying the analytics practice at ArcLight Consulting and Bridgepoint Consulting Cloud Solutions. His skills are proven through strategic leveraging of technologies such as Oracle Analytics, FAW, and more, ensuring triumph in various projects.

In his earlier roles, Anas served as an Oracle Analytics Cloud/Fusion Analytics Warehouse SME and Cloud Solutions Engineering and Strategy Architect , where he crafted project roadmaps, estimated, outsourced, and defined responsibilities for substantial teams across IT, Finance, HR, and Manufacturing departments. His ability extends to developing comprehensive training needs analyses for a range of Oracle solutions, including OAC, FDI, FAW, OBIEE, NSAW, and DV.

Anas Altarawneh holds a B.S. in Business Administration and Management from Reinhardt University and an Executive Master of Science in Information Systems and Data Analytics from The City University of New York. His academic background and rich professional experience, including roles at Oracle and Accenture, underscore his depth in the field.

Beyond the professional sphere, Anas Altarawneh, a former tennis pro, enjoys traveling, reading, and cooking.