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Why Switch to Newsfeed UX?

Oracle’s new Mobile Responsive UI drives employee productivity by simplifying the user experience.

Oracle’s Newsfeed User Experience (NUX) encourages ESS through streamlined navigation, notifications, and quick actions that help manage and complete tasks quickly. The view is employee and manager focused, adapting to new user trends towards mobile technology. The interface is consistent across devices and Oracle’s future upgrades will be specifically geared towards this experience.

ArcLight has developed strategies to ensure all users are ready for this change, beginning with our webinar. 

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ArcLight combines strategy, flexibility, and advanced industry experience to deliver an Open Enrollment that maximizes the value to your organization and reduces your internal administration time.

  • Best-in-class Benefit Configuration

  • Oracle Certified Support

  • Optimized Employee Experience

  • Streamlined Process

  • Minimized Cycle Timeframe

  • Reduced Administration Efforts

  • Administrative Reporting

  • Knowledge Transfer and Training

  • Carrier Integration Support

  • Comprehensive Validation

  • Post Open Enrollment Support

  • Ongoing Strategic Relationship

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“ArcLight has the expertise and knowledge that rival the big firms while always maintaining a customer centric approach that makes you feel like you’re their only customer ”

Kathy LaFond, HR Director, Glens Falls Hospital