ArcLight Rapid Assessment™

Make sure all systems are go!

Is your company using its Oracle applications to the fullest extent? Or is your business exposed to risk that could be avoided by a quick check, proper planning and training?

An ArcLight Rapid Assessment™ is much like an annual physical from a doctor. Your good sense would embrace the information you get from the check-up. When you have a bill of good health, you can take a sigh of relief. On the other hand, if the doctor finds something wrong with your health, then you can take corrective action immediately to reduce any future risks.

By scheduling a 2-hour open forum discussion with a Solution Architect, we can cover all or any of these topics: System Architecture Current Pain Points Oracle Upgrades Team Knowledge System Support Structure Reporting usage Interface performance Data quality And provide tangible outcomes like: Validation of system usage Functionality Roadmap Training suggestions

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