ArcLight Care

Empowering Your Journey

ArcLight Care is centered around continuously improving your investment in the Oracle Cloud and your internal resources. A year-long plan is tailored for your organization to support, train and grow your internal skillsets.

ArcLight Care is driven by three core deliverables.

Active Cloud Monitoring

  • Active Cloud Monitoring
  • Monthly Cloud Usage Review
  • Quarterly Application Roadmap
  • Quarterly Architecture Review

Resource Empowerment

  • Monthly Training Sessions
  • Monthly New Functionality Training
  • Quarterly Test Script Review & Optimization
  • Quarterly Architecture Review

Ad Hoc Support

  • General Support
  • Break & Fix
  • New Administrator Training

ArcLight Care is the long-term, strategic Cloud support you’ve been looking for.

All sessions are documented on a customer calendar and then posted along with any associated documentation. This soon becomes a rich Knowledge Library from which all resources can reference.

Superior Support

Partners in Your
Strategic Programming

ArcLight Care serves to partner with your organization following your application implementation to provide strategic road mapping.

Throughout the year your company experiences standard HR cycles that are not only predictable, but when best leveraged inside Oracle HCM, will provide your employees and administrators a smooth and seamless year over year experience.

With proper system optimization, regular health checks, and strategic planning your administrators will have all of the tools necessary for a successful year.


30 Specialized Experts


1 Day Average Close Time


4800+ Tickets Closed


42 Satisfied Customers