Did you miss our Health and Safety webinar? 


Protecting the Workplace: Health & Safety 

Oracle has announced that it will provide Workforce Health and Safety at no charge for the next year to current HCM Cloud Customers in production. This should assist your organization with many of the questions your safety response team and/or HR organization may be trying to answer, such as: 

– Who in my organization has been exposed to the virus?

– Have the communal areas of the buildings been appropriately cleaned?

– Do we have adequate supplies for cleaning or for protecting staff?

– How do I reach staff to let them know an incident has occurred?

– Do I need to notify local public health authorities? What data should I share?

– How can I be sure we have followed-up on an incident, and implemented corrective action?


Join ArcLight Consulting HCM experts as they discuss:

– What is Oracle HCM Cloud Workforce Health & Safety

– How can it help your staff manage risk through this uncertain time

– What reporting capabilities are included, especially around OSHA

– How our HCM Consulting experts can assist in getting you up and running quickly and efficiently


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