CloudWorld Recap & Announcements: Leveraging Oracle in 2023 


CloudWorld Recap & Announcements: Leveraging Oracle in 2023 

Oracle recently announced several new features to help clients integrate more scalable technology solutions while optimizing business processes and developing additional channels for innovation. 

After attending CloudWorld 2022 and learning of Oracle’s plans, our Cloud Solutions team outlined the top takeaways from the conference. 

What is CloudWorld? 

Oracle CloudWorld, hosted in Las Vegas by cloud-based software company Oracle, aims to showcase what the company is doing to revolutionize B2B commerce alongside their proprietary strategies for helping customers become more successful through the implementation of innovative technologies. 

Through a series of keynote speeches, networking opportunities and sessions that teach attendees how to better leverage Oracle going forward, the 4-day event celebrates the coming together of Oracle customers and partners who are driving innovation and creativity within their markets. 

When is CloudWorld 2023? 

CloudWorld 2023 is is scheduled to return to Las Vegas from September 18-21, 2023. 

Oracle CloudWorld 2022 Recap: Takeaways, Updates & Learnings 

The Future of Technology is Bright 

The future of technology is bright – now is the chance to be bold and take advantage of new opportunities by using the power of data to empower yourself and your organization.   

Bill Kleyman, EVP of Digital Solutions at Oracle, stated that the biggest finding from CloudWorld 2022 is that partners have proven to be essential for helping customers leverage data in the context they need to empower their organization, overcome risk and keep their information secure – all of which are cited as some of the main technology challenges companies are currently facing. 

Continuous Improvement is Key 

One of Oracle’s main focuses is on continuity of the experience: ensuring their customers and partners are able to obtain the most value out of their Oracle investments while discovering new ways to leverage them in order to bring their goals and ideas to life. 

In order to demonstrate their commitment to continuous improvement, Oracle introduced over 40 other new technology solutions, services and upgrades. 

Of special interest to our clients is OracleMe: a solution that reimagines the employee experience by providing certain modules as an integrated part of an application rather than a separate, standalone model that customers have to pay to add on. These features include guided learning and enhanced communication processes. 

Taking Implementation a Step Further 

Integrating the right technology is essential for survival — but oftentimes, solutions become the most successful during implementation and beyond (re: when everything is constantly monitored and optimized.) 

During an Oracle HCM track session, Oracle product executives and several customers discussed implementation best practices, with the top four areas of focus being: Transformation & Solution Design, Leadership & Governance, Organizational Readiness & Change, Life in the Cloud post Go Live.  

“What we’ve found is that our methodology is very much in line with the best practices discussed. We have built out a Solution Architect team to help with design, a Change Management team to facilitate organizational readiness, and a Customer Success team that focuses on providing support after Go Live. We even launched a Beyond Implementation webinar series earlier this year — so it was very reassuring to see and hear that our strategy is very much in line with Oracle’s.” 

Madeline Cales, Vice President of Strategic Alliances for Cloud Solutions 

Partnering for Success 

The best way to succeed in today’s world and make the most of your technology solutions is to find a trusted partner that helps you better leverage data, understand customer insights and drive growth. 

Oracle shared that their customers in particular become the most successful when engaging with a partner that not just activates the technology but helps pave the way for business transformation. 

At the Oracle Partner Success Summit, held on the first day of the conference, several improvements and changes to the partner network model were introduced, with the major theme being Continuity of Experience and the top four areas of focus being Transform, Innovate, Business Impact, Customer Success. These were a recurring theme throughout the conference.  

Of special interest to us were changes to the Certification process introduced by the head of Oracle University. Historically, Oracle required recertification every 18 months — which can be a very costly and time-consuming process. 

Now, they’ve switched their model to continuous education, where individuals only need to take assessments on newly introduced features – not retake the entire course as a whole. This announcement was met by applause from the audience.  

How Oracle’s New Features Help Build a Brighter Future in 2023 and Beyond 

Oracle’s new features, dedication to continuity and the brightness of the technology industry’s future will be instrumental in helping customers reach new clients and make the most of their implementations, empowering them to be the leader of their cloud journey. 

If you’re still a little unsure about how Oracle and its new features can streamline growth for your business, our Cloud Solutions experts are here to help. 

Our team has multiple years of experience in guiding clients throughout every phase of their project and are here to guide you throughout your technology transformation, enabling your organization to minimize risks, gain efficiencies and maximize outcomes.