Optimize & Enhance Your Processes

ArcLight brings an overarching methodology that allows you to leverage the right business processes on Oracle to enhance operating effectiveness. With our Cloud Optimization services, we’ll keep your Oracle application current and fresh reflecting your recent business changes while incorporating continuous improvement opportunities based on what you have learned since deployment. Utilize your ArcLight relationship and hours to receive advisory services on leading practices specific to the Oracle suite of applications, ensuring that you are monitoring and enhancing your ROI post go live. Our solutions empower your team through responsive, adaptive and scalable behaviors by way of a systematic and proactive approach.

We Can Help You:

  • Analyze a single process area in as little as a day

  • Collect and analyze your data, and discuss opportunities for improved performance

  • Access Organizational Change Management experts to assess communication or training opportunities to maximize Oracle usage

  • Get recommendations and an application roadmap that includes needed staffing, estimated costs and timeline

What Clients Are Saying

“ArcLight has the expertise and knowledge that rival the big firms while always maintaining a customer centric approach that makes you feel like you’re their only customer ”

Kathy LaFond, HR Director, Glens Falls Hospital