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Work Life Solutions

Our Vision, Your Value

Work Life Solutions

Oracle Work Life Solutions and Your Core HR Module

It’s critical for managers to help employees feel more connected and engaged. They need to continually find new ways to embrace and grow their current workforce. Oracle Work Life Solutions provides employee-focused tools that address their day-to-day professional functions and personal lives.

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Why Oracle

Why Choose Us

ArcLight combines strategy, flexibility, and advanced industry experience to deliver an Open Enrollment that maximizes the value to your organization and reduces your internal administration time.

  • Best-in-class Benefit Configuration

  • Oracle Certified Support

  • Optimized Employee Experience

  • Streamlined Process

  • Minimized Cycle Timeframe

  • Reduced Administration Efforts

  • Administrative Reporting

  • Knowledge Transfer and Training

  • Carrier Integration Support

  • Comprehensive Validation

  • Post Open Enrollment Support

  • Ongoing Strategic Relationship

Our Service Model


Holistic Approach

Partnership, expertise, and support across all modules ensures a successful and issue-free open enrollment for benefit administrators and your workforce



Customized project dashboard with real-time visibility to detailed project plans, documentation, and status updates compliment our hands-on customer-focused approach.


Configuration & Validation

Guide testing and validation cycles that ensure accurate enrollments, coverage calculations, and rate structures.


Carrier Integrations

Support of existing vendor & payroll integrations allows customers to focus on their business with the peace of mind that enrollments, benefit changes, & dependent designations are accurate.

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