Leveraging Smartsheet in 2023: Helpful New Features, Use Cases & More


It can be incredibly challenging and time-consuming to identify the right technology solution for your unique company needs – and with today’s technology trends, it’s essential that you implement a scalable, sustainable system in order to modernize your business and provide your customers with what they’re really looking for.

Our Cloud Solutions team is here to show you how implementing Smartsheet is the best way to stay on top of your day-to-day operations while setting yourself up to achieve all your goals in 2023 and beyond.

What is Smartsheet?

Smartsheet is a modern work-management software that is used to assign tasks, track progress on projects, manage calendars, share documents, automate processes and more.

They offer customizable solutions that fit your specific company needs and offer integrations with multiple other software systems, making it quite the sustainable and scalable technology solution.

Helpful New Smartsheet Features to Drive Innovation in 2023

Portfolio WorkApps

Smartsheet’s new feature Portfolio WorkApps will be incredibly impactful when combined with Smartsheet Control Center, allowing for a curated experience of what each user (depending on permissions) is able to view.

Previously, when using Control Center, there was not an ability to develop user-based experiences. Everyone wants to interact with dashboards – but in order to create one, you must also create a number of underlying content pieces that are then turned into usable widgets on your dashboard.

Prior to this release, the user experience required navigating a complex folder structure with various Smartsheet artifacts to find the singular dashboard they need. With the new Portfolio WorkApps functionality, the developer can create unique user experiences based on role and permissions – eliminating the noise that previously existed.

This feature will help all users scale in a manner that will likely cultivate more user engagement for their solutions. In addition, it will be extremely impactful for large organizations where portfolio-level decisions are being made, saving time and money while making processes more effective.

Other recent Smartsheet developments:

  • Integration with Miro, Microsoft Teams and more to ease data sharing efforts
  • Data tabling enhancement to offer more flexibility leveraging large data sets within the Smartsheet system, a solution to avoid row level maximums
  • New Search UI that provides for more scalability and accuracy by streamlining Smartsheet’s search function
  • Enhanced customer support portal

The Best Use Cases for Smartsheet in 2023

Enhancing Communication Processes

By supporting Collaborative Work Management (CWM) through utilizing dashboard communication at the source of truth and combining it with dashboard visualization, Smartsheet makes collaboration within a matrixed organization simple and easy.

Starting with an effective Communication Intake Form ensures data integrity with dropdown or radial selections. Users can also leverage automations to help push content through various stages of approval, enhancing workflow efficiency and saving time.

Finally, when the communication piece is approved for use, leveraging the Calendar App allows users to visualize communications in a calendar format with visible separations for different teams.

Smartsheet enables users to get out of their email box to manage their communication process all while seeing the big picture of various communication ongoings.

Driving Better Project Management & Visibility

Smartsheet’s Portfolio Project Management (PPM) tools are vital for providing a consistent and scalable solution. Supporting demand intake, prioritization, sourcing and planning, work execution and project and portfolio reporting, Smartsheet is an end-to-end PPM solution that ultimately supports end-user empowerment.

By using Smartsheet’s automations, dashboard visualizations and reporting, users can ensure resources are working on the highest priority items and highlight work where attention is needed, supporting leadership decision making.

Smartsheet’s help in eliminating administrative tasks and facilitating decision making will enable your teams to focus on the delivery and execution of your organization’s highest priorities.

Conducting Medical Compliance in the Field

For the healthcare industry, Smartsheet is incredible for minimizing administrative tasks, enhancing reporting capabilities and providing a mobile solution.

Utilizing a Dynamic Intake Form allows users to input data directly into the source of truth  versus capturing on a piece of paper and adding it into the system manually later on. Plus, you can ensure data integrity by utilizing drop-down selections of valid values combined with  the flexibility to change any  questions quickly and easily.

With real-time reporting and dashboarding, users can consume information directly from submitted intake forms and seamlessly integrate them into a dashboard or report.

In addition, via Smartsheet’s Mobile App, users can utilize a tablet or mobile device to capture results – and do so regardless of whether or not they have an internet connection.

How We Help with Smartsheet Implementation

As you can see, Smartsheet can be leveraged in many ways to help your organization stay on top of important ongoings, communicate relevant information with stakeholders, and continue to modernize in a more sustainable manner.

Our Cloud Solutions team develops Smartsheet solutions that can be easily used by anyone, no matter their level of tech savviness. By driving consistent and repeatable processes using forms and providing structured data for other users to gain insights from, you’re sure to be set up for Smartsheet success.