Oracle CloudWorld 2023 Recap & Announcements

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Oracle recently announced several new features to help their users embrace the power of generative AI, optimize business processes, and pursue new opportunities for innovation.

After attending CloudWorld 2023 and learning of Oracle’s plans, our team outlined the top findings and takeaways from the conference.

What is Oracle CloudWorld?

Oracle CloudWorld, hosted in Las Vegas by cloud-based software company Oracle, celebrates the coming together of Oracle customers and partners who are implementing leading and innovative solutions for their clients.

Through a series of keynote speeches, networking sessions, and training sessions, Oracle seeks to share insights and updates regarding their cloud strategy and the new functionalities they are implementing to help their users become more successful.

Oracle CloudWorld 2023: Recap & Announcements

Oracle’s Vision for the Future: Product Innovations, Generative AI & More

Larry Ellison, CTO and Chairman of the Board at Oracle, hosted a keynote speech in which he dove into Oracle’s vision for the future, including how they plan to utilize AI and IoT to reshape the future of technology and the industry-leading products they are developing to provide their customers with more opportunities for growth and innovation.

Larry detailed that Oracle is packing the latest AI creations across their technology stack from Oracle HCM to ERP, providing customers with additional infrastructure for generative AI (ex: ticketing and proposal creation within Oracle Cloud ERP and survey development within Oracle Cloud HCM), and integrating the option to utilize AI for vector searches within a database – all of which will help their users establish more operational efficiency and make faster and more reliable decisions, especially concerning their supply chain and hiring processes.

He also shared that Oracle has been utilizing a combination of AI and IoT to support several sustainability initiatives. For example, they have utilized this innovative technology to develop first responder systems with autonomous robot drones to detect brush fires early and gather data regarding the benefits of switching to indoor agriculture and robotic greenhouses to reduce emissions.

This highlights Oracle’s commitment to not only their customers but also the environment and the world at large. By putting sustainability and ESG at the forefront of their endeavors, Oracle empowers their users to do the very same.

Oracle’s Commitment to Customer Success Remains a Key Focus

Oracle staff showed their continuous commitment to helping customers thrive through industry-leading technology by sharing a series of inspirational customer stories and highlighting new partnerships that provide users with faster capabilities and additional options for automation (for example, partnering with Mastercard to automate end-to-end, B2B transactions).

By ensuring their customers and partners are able to obtain the most value out of their Oracle investments, Oracle helps their users discover new ways to leverage these innovative tools and technologies in order to bring their goals and ideas to life.

“It’s clear that Oracle is doing everything in their power to put their customers first and provide them with every opportunity they need to thrive – not just survive. We are pleased to see that ArcLight’s methodology is very much in line with Oracle’s vision and values, and we look forward to continuing to enhance our knowledge and capabilities so we are best equipped to help our clients strategically advance towards the next stage of growth.”

– Madeline Cales, VP Strategic Alliances

How Oracle’s New Features & Commitments Help Build a Brighter Future in 2024 and Beyond

From generative AI and sustainability initiatives to releasing the latest and more secure version of Java 21, Oracle is committed to building a brighter future for their users and the world. Their new features, dedication to their customers, and the brightness of the tech industry’s future will be instrumental in helping their users get the most value out of their investment.

If you’d like to learn more about how Oracle and its new features can streamline growth and innovation for your company, ArcLight is here to help.

ArcLight is proud to have a longstanding partnership with Oracle, and our certified consultants are dedicated to guiding you on your cloud journey and delivering value on your investment by transforming operations to maximize efficiency and helping you reach your future goals faster.