Transforming Your Business with Oracle’s Generative AI Services


Generative AI is taking the world by storm, transforming the way we live and work. Companies are harnessing this exciting, cutting-edge technological advancement to innovate, gain a competitive edge, and accelerate growth.

Our team at ArcLight is comprised of experts who are skilled at optimizing businesses’ performance with Oracle.

Below, we delve into Oracle’s new generative AI-powered solutions and how ArcLight can help organizations harness these capabilities to make informed decisions, streamline workflows, gain efficiencies, and drive success.

Things to know about Oracle’s Generative AI Services:

  1. Oracle’s New AI Generative AI Services
  2. How ArcLight Delivers Oracle AI Solutions
  3. Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM AI Advancements
  4. Business Benefits of Oracle Generative AI Services
  5. Need Oracle Implementation or Optimization Support?

Oracle’s New Generative AI Services

Oracle recently started offering generative AI services to enterprise customers built on Oracle’s cloud computing infrastructure. This offering is through Oracle’s new partnership with Cohere, an AI startup that helps organizations develop AI tools using its large language models (LLM). 

Furthermore, Oracle’s partnership with NVIDIA gives customers superclusters, a solution that serves as a cost-effective method for training AI models. 

How ArcLight Delivers Oracle AI Solutions

At ArcLight, we recognize that businesses today are starting to embrace AI in every aspect of their work to drive efficiency and enhance operations.

Our experts are skilled in developing solutions using Oracle’s generative AI offerings and Cohere’s LLMs to help our clients across industries custom-fit data and generative AI solutions to their business needs.

By leveraging our Oracle partnership and technical skillsets, we can effectively embed generative AI into the applications and workflows that our customers use every day, providing businesses with the power to fully harness and realize the benefits of generative AI.

Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM AI Advancements

ArcLight’s team of Oracle-certified consultants are skilled in setting up, designing, and optimizing Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM solutions for clients. This empowers our clients’ HR teams to manage every step of the employee lifecycle, including attracting, screening, hiring, onboarding, and managing payroll.

ArcLight can help customers implement and optimize the platform to realize the benefits of the three new capabilities Oracle is introducing:

  1. Assisted authoring: Users can leverage built-in prompts to create content such as job restrictions and HR helpdesk articles, allowing employees to reallocate their time to higher-value tasks.
  2. Suggestions: Teams are provided with helpful recommendations, such as recommended questions for a survey being developed, to improve speed and efficiency in day-to-day tasks. 
  3. Summarization: Users are provided with a brief summary of content, such as an employee performance review, that considers factors like feedback from managers, goal progress, and major achievements.

Business Benefits of Oracle Generative AI Services

When organizations receive support from our ArcLight consultants to leverage Oracle’s new AI capabilities, they can realize numerous benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Decision-Making: AI enables organizations to analyze massive volumes of data, make predictions about the future, and derive valuable insights. This empowers business decision-makers to identify trends and make informed, data-driven choices. 
  • Improved Data Security and Privacy: Oracle’s generative AI doesn’t mix customer data. This ensures that as users customize and train prebuilt generative AI models using their own data, they need not worry about the security of their sensitive corporate data.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: By automating low-value, time-intensive tasks and enabling teams to dedicate their focus to higher-value tasks, Oracle’s AI offerings save time and enhance organizational efficiency. For example, finance departments can leverage AI and machine learning to run reports that historically would need to be run manually.
  • Reduced Costs: When businesses use AI and automation to increase efficiency and enable their teams to dedicate their time to more valuable processes and tasks, they reduce the money and time spent on lower-value, tedious tasks.
  • Competitive Advantage: Oracle is exceptional at running generative AI workloads in the cloud, enabling it to deliver clients with faster, cost-effective, integrated processes that give those organizations a competitive advantage.

Need Oracle Implementation or Optimization Support?

ArcLight offers experienced guidance through every part of your finance and HR transformation that facilitates business growth. From strategy and design to integration, we are your trusted partner for helping drive innovation in the cloud.

We do not simply achieve business improvement results for our clients; we do it better, smarter, and in less time than the competition. Contact us today or learn more about our Oracle Cloud services. Learn about Oracle’s generative AI services & how ArcLight can help businesses leverage them to enhance efficiency & decision-making & reduce costs.