Smartsheet Optimization: Importance, Tips, and How-To

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Smartsheet is a powerful project management tool that yields benefits for businesses of all sizes. Oftentimes, organizations will successfully implement Smartsheet but face challenges when tailoring the platform to best fit their needs and create the most value for their company, employees, and customers.

To keep up with the competition and meet evolving customer expectations, continuous optimization of your Smartsheet environment is vital.

Things to know about Smartsheet optimization:

  1. What is Smartsheet Optimization?
  2. When is it time to optimize Smartsheet for your business?
  3. What are the benefits of Smartsheet optimization?
  4. How we help with Smartsheet optimization

What is Smartsheet Optimization?

Smartsheet is a collaborative work management solution that empowers a dynamic workspace that moves your business forward. Smartsheet optimization is the process of assessing your current Smartsheet configuration for vulnerabilities, gaps, and areas of improvement and developing a plan of corrective action.

This optimization can involve automating workflows, uncovering scalable efficiencies, unlocking process transparency, and improving the flow of communication and collaboration within your organization.

Oftentimes, it is beneficial to turn to a Smartsheet consultant or team for guidance to capitalize on opportunities, improve efficiency, and proactively address potential issues.

When is it time to optimize Smartsheet for your business?

Your organization should consider pursuing Smartsheet optimization when:

  • Your business workflows are inefficient or could be automated
  • You’re manually entering data into multiple systems
  • You need more real-time visibility
  • Your people are having trouble finding the information they need
  • You haven’t made any improvements to your Smartsheet configuration post-implementation
  • Your Smartsheet configuration isn’t structured for an M&A transaction
  • You’re not using Smartsheet to the fullest potential

8 Benefits of Smartsheet Optimization

  1. Improved collaboration among your organization’s teams
  2. Insightful dashboarding
  3. More efficient processes
  4. Reduced bottlenecks
  5. Removal of duplicate data entry points
  6. Increased consistency of quality and efficiency
  7. Increased agility and adaptability to meet the nature and scale of any initiative or project
  8. A secure means of sharing information as needed, both internally and externally

How we help with Smartsheet Optimization

As a Smartsheet Certified Partner, we provide Smartsheet training and extensive experience, freeing up your organization’s valuable resources and enabling you to realize speed to value quicker than if you implemented Smartsheet on your own.

Our experts at ArcLight Consulting provide a wide range of end-to-end Smartsheet services for organizations of all sizes to overcome their business challenges by enabling online collaboration, process and work automation, operational visibility, and systems and data integrations.

We do not simply achieve business improvement results for our clients; we do it better, smarter, and in less time than the competition.