Why Expertise is Key When Selecting an Oracle Cloud Partner


Oracle recognizes partners that demonstrate proof of competency, customer success and continued commitment to providing the best services to clients with an expertise model that contains various qualifiers. 

Our Cloud Solutions team is proud to announce that we have attained Expertise levels in all 4 Oracle HCM Cloud areas: Global Human Resources, Workforce Management, Payroll, TalentManagement 

What is Oracle HCM Cloud? 

Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) is a complete cloud solution that connects every human resource process — and person — across your enterprise. Unify global processes for HR, talent and workforce management, employee experience, and payroll without the need for 3rd-party solutions. 

 With many options for customization, automation and more, Oracle HCM Cloud allows businesses to make smarter and faster decisions, enhance their employee experience and continue to drive innovation and growth through cutting-edge tools and technologies. 

What are Oracle Expertise Levels? 

Oracle expertise levels were created to help Oracle partners showcase their proficiency in focused areas, allowing clients to easily identify those who will fit their specific needs.  

In order to retain expertise levels, partners must take continuous measures to ensure certain criteria are met for every stage of an implementation and beyond.   

Oracle Human Resources (Core) 

Oracle’s Human Resources (Core) allows businesses to enhance workforce productivity, improve operational procedures, and onboard, engage and manage workers on a global scale via modern HR, operational and onboarding tools. 

Oracle Workforce Management 

Oracle Workforce Management is a fully integrated HR solution that links time, labor and leave management with payroll, financial and personnel data in order to foster more company alignment, reduce the potential for risk and effectively control deployment of the workforce. 

Oracle Payroll 

Oracle Payroll simplifies the process of paying your workforce through a highly configurable and customizable platform – no matter your company size or geographical location. 

Oracle Talent Management 

Oracle Talent Management is a platform that helps businesses to make their talent lifecycle more effective through modern tools for recruiting, onboarding, training and more. By utilizing modules to improve productivity, retention and engagement, Oracle Talent Management helps managers and leaders empower their teams. 

Why is Expertise Key to Selecting the Right Partner?  

At this year’s Oracle CloudWorld, Oracle shared that their customers become the most successful when engaging with a trusted partner that not just activates the technology but helps pave the way for business transformation.  

Did you know that 17 percent of IT projects go so badly that it threatens the very existence of the company? (Mckinsey, 2020) Or that 70 percent of digital transformation efforts fall short of meeting goals? (Boston Consulting Group, 2020)  

This is why selecting a partner who shows a demonstrated commitment to attaining Oracle expertise is the key to your organization’s implementation success.    

From Certification to Implementation and Beyond 

As one of only five partners who currently hold all four expertise levels, we have demonstrated  our commitment to continuously working with Oracle to demonstrate proof of competency, customer success and providing the best services to our clients.  

Our company was founded to solely focus on what we saw as the future: cloud solutions. We’re proud to say that our sole focus has been on Oracle Cloud implementations since the cloud (fusion) offering was launched. 

All of our consultants are certified in at least one Oracle cloud module, and our Cloud Solutions team has hundreds of years of combined experience in the HCM space with a vast amount of expertise across all HR functions.  

Our unparalleled experience in all aspects of a successful HCM project – from Transformation & Solution Design, Leadership & Governance, Organizational Readiness & Change, Life in the Cloud post Go Live, and more – allows our clients to quickly gain recognized value. 

So no matter your Cloud solutions needs, our team is here to help you make the most of your journey to the cloud and beyond.