Carly Hochron of ArcLight Consulting Named Among Winners of 2023 Oracle Journeys Hackathon Award

Carly Hackathon Award (Facebook Cover)

We are pleased to announce that Carly Hochron, Senior Consultant at ArcLight Consulting, has been named as one of the winners of Oracle’s 2023 Journeys Hackathon Award.

About Oracle Journeys Hackathon Awards

Oracle’s Journeys Hackathon Awards aim to recognize individuals who have gone above and beyond in delivering personalized guidance to support employees through professional and personal workflows (e.g. onboarding, moving to a new position within the company, embarking on a new project, etc.) Learn more about Oracle Journeys here.

To conduct the awards, Oracle selected a few of their partners to participate in a deep dive Journeys training and a hackathon challenge where they were tasked with creating a unique workflow within Oracle’s Cloud HCM award-winning Oracle ME platform. The top Journeys solutions were chosen as winners by an internal Oracle review board, and these creations will be hosted on Oracle Customer Connect for all to use.

About Carly Hochron

Carly Hochron has 5 years of expertise in building customized and industry-leading Oracle Cloud HCM solutions that enable her clients to elevate, transform, and grow their businesses. She has been a part of the ArcLight team since 2019 and holds a bachelor’s in resource economics from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Carly Hochron Named Among Winners of 2023 Oracle Journeys Hackathon Award

Carly received this recognition due to her creation of a “journey” (re: process) within Oracle Cloud HCM that provides configuration guidance to support the accelerated deployment of new features. The document was utilized to closely control the client’s knowledge management articles and enhance the experience of their learning and development team.

The goal of the journey was to provide a user (in this case, an HR representative or professional) with the ability to recommend a new or updated article for knowledge management. After Carly developed a self-assignable journey accessible via Explore, the client was provided with a clear process that improved the flow of requests relating to knowledge management articles.

Quote from Madeline Cales, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at ArcLight Consulting

“Everyone at ArcLight is so proud of Carly for her dedication, hard work, and creativity in helping clients strategically overcome obstacles along their path towards growth. With a profound commitment to both her role and our team, a proven and ever-growing understanding of Oracle Cloud HCM, and a propensity for identifying and integrating innovative solutions, Carly continues to be a perfect representation of what makes ArcLight so special. We’re honored that Oracle asked us to participate in such an incredible opportunity, and we look forward to watching our partnership continue to blossom in the years to come.”

Madeline Cales, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at ArcLight Consulting

Other Recent ArcLight Awards

Earlier this year, ArcLight earned the prestigious OHUG Educator of the Year Award from Oracle HCM Users Group, underscoring our unwavering commitment to advancing Oracle Cloud HCM education and excellence.

About ArcLight Consulting

ArcLight Consulting, an Addison Group company, is a leader in Cloud implementation services. We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers are not only successful with their Cloud applications investment, but that they maximize and optimize that investment.

ArcLight’s team of certified experts continuously provide best in class service, guidance and direction to ensure customer’ success via our established methodology that bridges software and process. Our founding principle is that Customer Service drives Customer Success and putting it into practice creates long-term benefits for customers, employees, partners, and the communities we serve.