Oracle Cloud Consultant: Benefits, Skills, Services


In today’s business landscape, ensuring that the Oracle solutions you plan to implement are the right fit for your unique company needs is critical. 

Organizations looking to implement Oracle often find it beneficial to turn to a skilled Oracle consultant to guide their strategy and save time and money while bolstering business growth.

What is Oracle?

Oracle is a multi-model relational database management system (RDBMS) used to safely and quickly store, organize, and retrieve data while maintaining relationships between various data types. The software often supports a mix of business intelligence, transaction processing, and analytics applications.  

Benefits Oracle provides over the competition:

  • Performance
  • Supports multiple databases on a single server
  • Failure recovery with Recovery Manager (RMAN), which helps to recover or restore the database during downtimes or outages
  • Uses real application clusters (RAC) for high data availability
  • Flexible editions to match users’ application requirements
  • Supports PL/SQL extensions for procedural programming

What does an Oracle consultant do? 

An Oracle consultant begins by assessing your processes, team, and company to identify which Oracle solutions are the best fit for your needs. After they outline operations that are easily transferable to Oracle and analyze them for potential risk, the consultant will provide a roadmap of your proposed Oracle adoption strategy. 

Following Oracle implementation, the consultant will work with your team to continuously monitor, manage, and optimize your deployment while providing change management support, training, and recommendations for supporting technologies. 

Oracle consultants may also optimize your existing Oracle projects. This involves conducting research and analysis to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s existing systems. They then identify opportunities to optimize your Oracle solution to improve workflows and ensure efficiency. 

Responsibilities & skills of Oracle consultants:

  • Evaluating Oracle software functionality against client business requirements 
  • Roadmapping client’s Oracle journey and providing realistic expectations on cost, timing, and success factors 
  • Developing, integrating, managing, evaluating, and optimizing software 
  • Conducting infrastructure design and data migration 
  • Business process re-engineering 
  • Working with client databases 
  • Providing guidance on change and project/program management 
  • Assessing and remediating any risks and roadblocks in the project 
  • Providing technical and functional support 

When should you hire an Oracle consultant? 

If your organization is considering adopting Oracle, hiring a consultant from the get-go is crucial to your success. Making mistakes in your Oracle journey can result in wasted time, excessive costs, security vulnerabilities, and an inability to realize the business value you need.

An Oracle consultant provides guidance and direction to ensure your business is successful with its investment. They bring the deep expertise, knowledge of best practices, and technology and business skills you need to modernize, run, manage, and optimize your Oracle applications. 

If your organization already leverages Oracle Cloud solutions, hiring a consultant can be extremely beneficial for improving your current configuration and associated business processes, unlocking the full value of business transformation. 

The expertise of an Oracle consultant can also prove helpful if your organization is experiencing a period of rapid change, such as extreme growth or M&A activities. 

8 Ways Oracle Consultants Can Help Your Business:

  1. Making your organization’s data accessible across teams and departments 
  2. Consolidating your procurement, accounting, planning, projects, and analytics endeavors under one platform to streamline operations 
  3. Increasing your access to important company data, customer insights, and analytics reports 
  4. Effectively bridging the gap between Finance and HR with budgeting and analysis tools 
  5. Creating automated workflows to report accurate, timely data and reduce manual processes 
  6. Saving you time and expenses while achieving maximum value from your implementation, as many Oracle consultants can negotiate a lower service price thanks to their exclusive standing with Oracle 
  7. Providing change management, training, and post-deployment support to ensure your change is sustained and the full value of your implementation is realized 
  8. Proactively designing your business processes to streamline HR operations

Need Oracle Implementation or Optimization Support?

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