Elevate Your Company’s Career Site & Transform Recruiting with Oracle Cloud HCM


An organization’s ability to attract top talent is the most critical driver of success. A company’s career site plays an integral role in this process – we all know how important first impressions are, and a career site often serves as the first touchpoint for potential candidates. 

To ensure organizations can recruit the best talent possible, they must transform their career sites into engaging, informative, branded experiences. 

Keep reading to learn how Oracle Cloud HCM can help your organization transform its recruiting process, elevate its career site, and attract the strongest candidates.

Things to know about Oracle Cloud HCM for Recruiting:

  1. What is Oracle Cloud HCM?
  2. Transforming the Candidate Journey with Oracle Cloud HCM
  3. Additional Oracle HCM Recruiting Features
  4. Benefits of Oracle HCM Recruiting

What is Oracle Cloud HCM?

Oracle Cloud HCM is a cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solution designed to streamline HR processes and improve the overall candidate and employee experience. It encompasses a wide array of functionalities and modules, including talent management and acquisition, compensation and benefits, learning and development, payroll, and global human resources.

Transforming the Candidate Journey with Oracle Cloud HCM

In order to attract top talent and maintain positive brand perception, organizations must ensure every step of the candidate journey – from initial job search to hiring and onboarding – is positive and seamless. 

Candidates today expect a consumer-like look and feel to their application process. Oracle HCM Recruiting recognizes that and addresses it with its features, including:

  1. Digital assistant
  2. Advanced job search features
  3. Simplified, streamlined application
  4. Proactive candidate engagement through automated messaging and customizable templates
  5. Streamlined offer & onboarding process

Digital assistant

Oracle HCM Cloud offers a digital assistant through which candidates can ask their questions. This allows candidates to get answers quickly and streamlines the recruiting process, allowing recruiters to spend their time on higher-value tasks. 

The digital assistant uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand the candidates’ questions and respond back appropriately.

Candidates can ask key questions about important factors they value in the workplace (such as “Do you offer parental leave?”), allowing ease of access to information and keeping them engaged in their candidate journey.

Oracle HCM Cloud enables organizations to uplevel their career site and job listings to increase candidate attraction. This includes embedding videos and other multimedia content on the job listing and robust design customization features.

This provides Oracle Clients the ability to target candidates with a streamlined, highly branded candidate attraction tool, embedded within their ATS.

Simplified, streamlined application

A common frustration among job applications is trying to keep track of all of their login information, usually in the form of a unique username and password for each job site. Oracle HCM simplifies this and reduces friction by allowing applicants to apply with only their email addresses or phone numbers as a unique identifier.

We live in an increasingly digital world, and people rely on their mobile phones more than ever before. Oracle HCM is mobile-friendly, which ensures applicants can seamlessly complete their application process wherever they are, whenever they want.

The candidate profile also allows candidates to view application updates in real-time. This, in addition to auto-triggered candidate update emails, decreases the time recruiters spend manually updating candidates.

These features, as well as many others, make the application process much quicker and more efficient. This, in turn, reduces applicant dropoff and helps organizations capture top talent.

Proactive candidate engagement through automated messaging and customizable templates

Oracle HCM Cloud enables recruiters to streamline the interview scheduling process through a series of triggered interview scheduling events. Using these features, when candidates are selected to advance in the interview process, an email or text message is sent to the candidate, allowing for self-scheduling during set interview times. Recruiters are able to set defined interview schedules with multiple stakeholders, across multiple requisitions.

The system encourages proactive engagement by offering the capability to push out text message notifications inviting the candidate to sign up for an interview.

This allows the candidate to freely sign up for the time that works best for their schedule, all done self-service and from their mobile device.

Streamlined offer & onboarding process

When a candidate makes it all the way to the offer process after being deemed a great culture and position fit, they receive an email or text message that allows them to log in to the career site from any device and accept the offer. 

Organizations can use the new Oracle HCM Journeys capabilities to send out specific pre-onboarding information and activities prior to the candidate’s first day of work. When the candidate receives a pre-onboarding email with information from the company, they can log into their Oracle HCM Cloud and are greeted with a highly personalized and user-friendly interface that provides them with everything they need. 

Additional Oracle HCM Recruiting Features

Oracle HCM has numerous features that specifically benefit employers in the recruiting process, including:

  • Career page design templates, including an easy-to-use WYSIWYG page builder with the ability to enable custom HTML blocks and configure custom CSS across the site, ensure the career site is easy to update and effectively branded.
  • Full reporting abilities, including Google Analytics integration, to identify key candidate drop points, track candidate sources, and identify candidate behavior across the platform.
  • Integrated CRM tools including drip campaign and Candidate Pool functionality to broaden your recruitment marketing reach and target candidates for high-priority roles.
  • Mobile-responsive user interface
  • Enriched candidate experience 
  • Step-by-step onboarding management through Oracle HCM Journeys gives you control over the entire candidate onboarding process

Benefits of Oracle HCM Recruiting

The benefits of leveraging Oracle HCM Cloud for recruiting include:

  • Identify top talent quickly and accurately
  • More efficient and streamlined recruiting process
  • Improve complete candidate experience
  • Improve insights, allowing organizations to make better offers and hiring decisions
  • Automate key elements of recruiting processes, allowing recruiters to dedicate time to higher-value tasks
  • More holistic view of the overall recruiting and onboarding process. 

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