Oracle ERP Update 24B: Self-Service Procurement

Medium Impact

Feature Enablement
Self-Service Procurement Enablement

24B Update Features Covered:

  1. Create Multiple Distributions on Requisitions
  2. View Requisition Lifecycle Information
  3. View Requisition Document History

1. Create Multiple Distributions on Requisitions

Responsive Self Service Procurement application now provides the ability to create multiple distribution lines to allocate costs to multiple charge accounts/ projects for requisitions. DFF’s are also available for review and updates in the new Distribution drawer section.

A new Billing section is available when you edit the line from the Shopping Cart. The Billing section displays distribution information, users can change or delete any existing distributions or split a distribution into multiple distributions as required.

We can also personalize the billing section to hide certain fields or make them read-only, or mandatory based on the requirements.

2. View Requisition Lifecycle Information

Quick Notes:

A new “View Life Cycle” action is available for requisitions in the My Requisitions page.

The Requisition Life Cycle page has a bar chart with visual representation of the Amount that is Ordered, fulfilled (which includes Shipped, Received, and Delivered), and Invoiced. We can easily track the fulfillment and payment status. Also, view the summarized fulfillment information for each line in the requisition and drill down into related documents such as negotiations, purchase orders, shipments, receipts, and invoices. 

Note: Reviewing the lifecycle information in mobile mode isn’t supported yet.

3. View Requisition Document History

Quick Notes:

A new “View Document History” option on the My Requisitions page is available to view the list of actions performed on a requisition. This helps establish an audit trail detailing how a requisition has traversed through the procurement process. The following details are available in the Document History page.

  • Requisition submission
  • Requisition cancellation
  • Approval actions such as approve, reject, request more information or reassigning the approval request to others
  • Buyer modification to the requisition
  • Downstream document events including purchase orders, change orders or transfer order creation
  • Supplier acceptance or rejection of an order