Smartsheet Engage 2023: Recap & Announcements

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Smartsheet recently announced several new features to help their users embrace the power of generative AI, improve their dashboarding capabilities, and scale more efficiently in an ever-changing world.

After attending Engage 2023 and learning of Smartsheet’s plans, it is clear to our team that Smartsheet continues to focus on providing a best in class end-user experience. Investments in solving items both big and small that impact that end-user were at the forefront of the developments shared during the conference. From investing in the latest Artificial Intelligence technology to making the visual dashboard experience more appealing, Smartsheet’s focus is to continue to add value.

What is Engage?

Engage is Smartsheet’s annual conference that aims to provide insights regarding how leading organizations are utilizing the Collaborative Work Management platform to unlock potential for their businesses.

Through a series of keynote speeches, breakout sessions, and focused trainings, Smartsheet also seeks to update their community about innovative new product features to help their customers get the most value out of their software investment.

Smartsheet Engage 2023: Recap & Announcements

Generative AI

Smartsheet is investing in Generative AI that will help in writing complex formulas, analyzing data, and creating custom solutions through natural language prompts, similar to the user experience of ChatGPT. These advancements will make Smartsheet more accessible to the casual licensed users providing the support to take their solutions to the next level.

Dashboard Improvements

With the creation of dashboard themes, users will no longer need to spend time updating the look and feel of each individual widget within a dashboard, as Smartsheet customers will now be able to pick from custom themes applied to the entire dashboard.

Smartsheet also shared that they have received the feedback that their creation of real-time data via dashboard is beneficial to users – but some claimed they needed to have a “snapshot” from a particular point in time to keep tabs on project progress.

Moving forward, Smartsheet plans to implement functionality to help users seamlessly schedule email delivery of dashboards.


Vast improvements to the overall Smartsheet infrastructure will allow users to create solutions that can consume larger data sets, with complex equations throughout all and improved processing time to foster more scalability.

How Smartsheet’s New Features Help Build a Brighter Future in 2024 and Beyond

From generative AI and process enhancements to helping organizations scale more efficiently, Smartsheet is committed to helping their customers thrive.

Their new features, dedication to their customers, and the brightness of the tech industry’s future will be instrumental in helping their users get the most value out of their investment.

If you have questions about how Smartsheet and its new features can streamline growth and innovation for your company, ArcLight is here to help.

Our consultants are dedicated to guiding you throughout your cloud journey by delivering value on your investment, transforming operations to maximize efficiency, and helping you reach your future goals faster.